On April 14, we were enjoying a few days of family vacation when I (Samuel) realized that something was wrong with my main email account. Being on vacation and with only remote access, I didn’t pay much attention.

It was then that on April 17, Monday, right after dropping the kids off at school, as I started my morning routine, I went to open my computer when I faced the sad reality: my email account had been hacked. Inside were thousands of emails with lots of personal information, including access to accounts where we had our retirement savings. As a result, despite having recovered all the accesses and improved our security system, we lost half of the amount we had invested for retirement.

Wednesday, April 19, it was late at night, I was in a pastor’s meeting when I received messages from Claudia: our kitchen was full of water everywhere. We had a problem with the pipe that needs to be fixed for the kitchen to be fully functional again.

Finally, if we can say so, Saturday I decided to take the children for a ride. We had a very special time, on the way home, I went through one of the worst experiences of my life: a car accident, where I was the responsible party. In the years that I have been driving, I have had other minor accidents, but this time the damage was great and real. Unfortunately, to make our situation worse, the insurance contract does not cover our own damage, so we will have to pay for the full repair if we want to get the car back.

In one week we had a sequence of bitter experiences that left deep scars and especially shook me as I experienced a lot of sadness for days. Without a doubt, I know the God I serve and I know that He is faithful and just to restore everything and more. I know that he doesn’t leave us alone and in faith, I believe that these experiences will serve as support for our growth in faith and witness the great wonders that the Lord has already done in our lives.

We are very grateful for The Shoreline Church’s initiative in making this fundraising possible and using their media to spread the word about our needs. We feel loved and very moved to see God’s care and our prayer answered through this dear family who has cared for us in such a special way.


Our challenge: As full-time missionaries for the past 9 years of our lives, we have been privileged to count on the partnership of many people and churches in building our financial support as God has never let us lack anything. In this time of need, especially for the recovery of our car, an essential asset to our family, we invite you to participate in this special offering for the repair of our car and kitchen, and in Jesus’ name, replace some of the money stolen from our retirement fund. The Shoreline Church would like to encourage donations by doubling all donated amounts up to the $10000 target.