We’ve got a small team of experienced builders heading to Maui in November to construct tiny homes for families whose homes burned in the Lahaina fire last August. We are working alongside our friends at Hui Homes and River of Life Mission. We have an opportunity to bless one family in particular, who owns land, but there’s no good access to deliver the tiny home, so the team will be building on site. Because of this, we have the ability to build something larger, but it will cost more. If you’d like to be a part of blessing this family and other families we will be building for in the future, we invite you to donate here: 

Family and friends – hope you all are well!

 We are embarking on our first mission trip together as a married couple to George, South Africa from June 9th – 17th!  We will be serving alongside a team of 15 members from our church in San Clemente, The Shoreline Church, and partnering with Kids Around the World to serve Life Community Services, an elementary school in rural George.  During our time in South Africa, we will be building a playground on school grounds, sharing the love and joy of Christ with the students, and building grassroot relationships with the staff to discover what a long-term partnership could look like.  Below this message are links to the respective websites to learn more about the mission of each organization.

 We are honored and excited to set off on this journey together.  Our heart has been to serve our community as a married couple, locally, domestically, and now, we look forward to serving internationally.

 To you all, our village of friends and family, we humbly ask for your support, prayers, and impactful ideas as we step out of our world and into George’s.  If you would like to support our journey financially, a link is provided below to do so (total trip cost is $4600 for the 2 of us).  If you have words of encouragement, ideas, or stories from previous experiences, please reach out to share as we would love to hear them!

We plan to end each day by sharing our experiences and photos with loved ones back home via email.  Please send us a text with your email address if you would like to be included in this thread.

Thank you for being our village – we love you all!


Ryan & Anna






We are excited to join Shoreline Church as we head to Life Christian Academy, a Christian school for the underprivileged in George, South Africa in June.

Partnering with Kids Around The World, a nonprofit that impacts “the lives of kids and their surrounding communities with God’s transforming hope through food, play, and story”; we will be building a playground, serving meals, and sharing the gospel with the students.

We cannot wait to embark on our very first missions trip, and we can’t wait to see everything God has planned for us during this time.

Thank you so much for your donations! Shoreline Church is a 501(c)3 non-profit, so all donations given are tax deductible and you will receive a donation statement at the end of the year.

On April 14, we were enjoying a few days of family vacation when I (Samuel) realized that something was wrong with my main email account. Being on vacation and with only remote access, I didn’t pay much attention.

It was then that on April 17, Monday, right after dropping the kids off at school, as I started my morning routine, I went to open my computer when I faced the sad reality: my email account had been hacked. Inside were thousands of emails with lots of personal information, including access to accounts where we had our retirement savings. As a result, despite having recovered all the accesses and improved our security system, we lost half of the amount we had invested for retirement.

Wednesday, April 19, it was late at night, I was in a pastor’s meeting when I received messages from Claudia: our kitchen was full of water everywhere. We had a problem with the pipe that needs to be fixed for the kitchen to be fully functional again.

Finally, if we can say so, Saturday I decided to take the children for a ride. We had a very special time, on the way home, I went through one of the worst experiences of my life: a car accident, where I was the responsible party. In the years that I have been driving, I have had other minor accidents, but this time the damage was great and real. Unfortunately, to make our situation worse, the insurance contract does not cover our own damage, so we will have to pay for the full repair if we want to get the car back.

In one week we had a sequence of bitter experiences that left deep scars and especially shook me as I experienced a lot of sadness for days. Without a doubt, I know the God I serve and I know that He is faithful and just to restore everything and more. I know that he doesn’t leave us alone and in faith, I believe that these experiences will serve as support for our growth in faith and witness the great wonders that the Lord has already done in our lives.

We are very grateful for The Shoreline Church’s initiative in making this fundraising possible and using their media to spread the word about our needs. We feel loved and very moved to see God’s care and our prayer answered through this dear family who has cared for us in such a special way.


Our challenge: As full-time missionaries for the past 9 years of our lives, we have been privileged to count on the partnership of many people and churches in building our financial support as God has never let us lack anything. In this time of need, especially for the recovery of our car, an essential asset to our family, we invite you to participate in this special offering for the repair of our car and kitchen, and in Jesus’ name, replace some of the money stolen from our retirement fund. The Shoreline Church would like to encourage donations by doubling all donated amounts up to the $10000 target.

Hi there, my name is Rachel White and I am 26 years old. I am so excited to be apart of the South Africa mission trip as this will be my first mission trip ever! I am so thankful to be given this opportunity to help build a playground for the kids in South Africa and be able to witness God’s work at hand. If you could keep the group and I in your prayers during this experience that would be amazing. Thank you for taking the time to read my campaign.

We will worship the Lord together on April 30 by putting our hands to work and packing 110,000 meals for undernourished kids in Ecuador! This is an annual global outreach that’s a fun and purposeful way for the entire family to serve together while making a real difference in the lives of many, many kids. The meals are always given out in conjunction with gospel teaching. They’re part of a larger strategy from our friends at Kids around the World for reaching entire communities with the Good News of Jesus. We’re humbled that God would use us to fund meals that are so desperately needed. 


I am incredibly excited to share with you an amazing opportunity that God has presented me with! This June, I will be embarking on a missionary trip to George, South Africa to serve at Life Christian Academy, a Christian school that helps underprivileged children. Together with the missions team at my church, we will be partnering with Kids Around The World, a US-based nonprofit that aims to spread God’s transforming hope to children and communities through food, play, and story. While we are there, we will be building a playground and helping the local school & community, providing meals, and building relationships with the people in George, South Africa.

In my day to day life, I strive to live like Jesus and to always be a little kinder and love a little harder. Recently, I felt God was calling me to something bigger and he put on my heart to serve in a bold way. God presented me with an amazing opportunity through my church to go on a mission trip to help the people of South Africa and to spread the Gospel. I led with a leap of faith and I signed up to go to Africa with my church not knowing how I was going to fund it. I listened to my calling, knowing God would provide a way. I need your help to make this mission possible! As I prepare for this trip, I am raising funds to cover the costs of travel, lodging, food, supplies, and additional acts of ministry. Your support would mean the world to me, and any amount you feel led to donate will be accepted with grace and love. If you are unable to donate financially, please pray for the people of South Africa and for our team as we embark on this journey. Your prayers are just as valuable as any monetary support! And if you do feel called to give, know that your donation will make a significant impact on the lives of those we serve.

I am confident that this experience will not only benefit the people of the community we are serving but also deepen my own faith and understanding of God’s work in the world. I am excited to bring back stories of His love and grace and to continue to support missions in my own community. 

Thank you for your support, whether through prayer or donation. I ask that you pray for our safe travels, open hearts, and for every opportunity to plant the seed of faith. 

I believe that we all have a role to play in God’s work, no matter how big or small. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those we serve. Thank you for your support! 

The Shoreline Church of San Clemente and Kids Around the World are teaming up and heading to George, South Africa to build a playground for Life Christian Academy! Life Christian Academy is an incredible organization that provides many benefits to the local children, a few being: a safe place for children 6-12 years old to learn about God and who He is, worship and dance, eat meals, and grow academically! We are so excited to be a part of sharing our love and resources  with them as well as provide a place for these children to enjoy playing with each other, and to be in community together outdoors. We would love your support in helping fund this playground in South Africa. We cannot wait to see what the Lord is going to do on this first trip of many.


The team from Shoreline Church will be working with Life Christian Academy, a Christian school for the underprivileged in George, South Africa in June 2023. We are partnering with Kids Around the World  to build a playground and build relationships in this community for future trips. Kids Around the World is a US based nonprofit whose mission is to share God’s transforming hope with kids and their communities through food, play, and story.

South Africa is especially near and dear to me since one of my best friends moved down there a few years ago. I get to hear about the beautiful people and landscapes. Not only will this be an amazing opportunity to serve and make an impact, I’ll get to spend time with her, meet her community, and explore the place she calls home.

The teacher in me is excited to use my calling to help serve globally. Mentoring students, playing with kids, and traveling are some of my greatest passions and I’m thrilled to put my skills to use in Africa.

I really appreciate all the support and encouragement. Please keep the team in your prayers – specifically for safety as we build the playground, as we travel around the world, and as we spread the good news & love of Jesus. Can’t wait to keep you updated along the way!

*Since The Shoreline Church is a 501(c)3 non-profit, all donations given are tax deductible and you will receive a donation statement at the end of the year.

My name is Madilyn. I’m 23 and from San Clemente. For the past year and a half, God has taken me all over the country. The journey started on Kauai, went all around the Northwestern states, across the country twice, and now has finally led me to Africa, which is something I’ve been talking to God about for a while now.
Before I moved to Kauai, I had babysat over 25 kids in San Clemente. I was blessed to be a part of so many awesome kids’ lives in our community, and I grew to love spending time with them. At the end of the travels, I had been helping my dad build decks for a few months in Tennessee, not really having any personal purpose behind it besides wanting to spend time with him and take the opportunity to learn something new and valuable. After a while there, I knew that God was telling me to go to Africa, but I had no idea how that was going to happen. I felt God nudge me to leave early (which was hard) and on my way home I found out that The Shoreline was organizing a mission trip to South Africa in just a few months, where we’d be building a playground at a school that’s ministering to kids.
I just knew it was Him. It felt like a full-circle answered prayer that God had prepared me for.
As much as I havetraveled in the country, I have never been out of it, so it is a huge leap. My hope for my first mission trip is to just be of help in any way that I can, and to be a Christ-like example to the kids and in the work that we do. While I don’t know what exactly God has in store for me in South Africa, I know it’s His call and I’m super excited to answer it alongside the awesome Shoreline missions team.