The Shoreline Church first began working in VeraCruz in 2015, when we built a playground for the tiny village of Chicualoque. After deepening our relationship with key people in this community and learning about other needs, we began returning over the next few years to assist in other areas like medical and vision care, construction, and outreach for the hundreds of kids we met.
One of the most important ways God has used us here is to help establish and strengthen a church in the village. Through our connection to one pastor in particular, we are now aware of six additional men who would like to plant churches in the surrounding area. The one church we have invested in over the years is now healthy and growing, and producing new work that will help enrich the lives of more families and bring spiritual and tangible care to more communities.
Our next trip to Chicualoque will be June 27-July 2, 2022. This time, we are incorporating dental care, pediatric care, and counseling in addition to medical, vision, construction, and outreach to kids. We’d love your prayers and can’t wait to see what God does!