Madilyn Mercer’s South Africa Mission Trip

Madilyn will be a part of The Shoreline Church’s first South Africa mission trip! We will be building a playground at Life Academy and will do community outreach with kids. This is a place we will be investing in for years to come and we look forward to the relationship that will be built between our church and this amazing school. They are discipling kids as they teach, feed, grow and change lives. Our hope is to equip and connect them with skills and resources as we build the Kingdom together.

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My name is Madilyn. I’m 23 and from San Clemente. For the past year and a half, God has taken me all over the country. The journey started on Kauai, went all around the Northwestern states, across the country twice, and now has finally led me to Africa, which is something I’ve been talking to God about for a while now.
Before I moved to Kauai, I had babysat over 25 kids in San Clemente. I was blessed to be a part of so many awesome kids’ lives in our community, and I grew to love spending time with them. At the end of the travels, I had been helping my dad build decks for a few months in Tennessee, not really having any personal purpose behind it besides wanting to spend time with him and take the opportunity to learn something new and valuable. After a while there, I knew that God was telling me to go to Africa, but I had no idea how that was going to happen. I felt God nudge me to leave early (which was hard) and on my way home I found out that The Shoreline was organizing a mission trip to South Africa in just a few months, where we’d be building a playground at a school that’s ministering to kids.
I just knew it was Him. It felt like a full-circle answered prayer that God had prepared me for.
As much as I havetraveled in the country, I have never been out of it, so it is a huge leap. My hope for my first mission trip is to just be of help in any way that I can, and to be a Christ-like example to the kids and in the work that we do. While I don’t know what exactly God has in store for me in South Africa, I know it’s His call and I’m super excited to answer it alongside the awesome Shoreline missions team.






21 responses to “Madilyn Mercer’s South Africa Mission Trip”

  1. Cathleen Vaughn

    Amazing lady.

  2. Donovan Longberg

    Missions changed my life. Praying it changes yours too. We love you!

  3. Eva Hinton

    God is going to use you in mighty ways!

  4. Ronald adams

    This will be a life changing experience for you. Enjoy it.

  5. Jeffery McIntosh

    Spread the good word of our lord Jesus

  6. Anonymous

    Have a great mission trip! We are so proud of you!

  7. michael hundhausen

    To help fulfill a dream ☮️❤️

  8. Matt Rudar

    I am so stoked for you and this amazing journey! Always be open honest and ready to receive whatever message or experience your supposed to have with each encounter.

  9. Donnie Ruiz

    Stoked for you!

  10. Chris Pearcy

    Please kick Theo in the shins for me, and good luck, stay safe.

  11. Anonymous

    Love watching our neighbor take life by the horns and do meaningful things.

  12. Vickie and Doug Steele

    Madi-we are so proud of you and cannot wait to hear about your adventures. We need more wonderful souls like you in our world. Love you and stay in touch! xoxo

  13. Randy & Kim Boerman Avatar
    Randy & Kim Boerman

    Thank you for the work you are doing! May God Bless you always.

  14. Donna Morrissey

    I think what Madi Rae is doing is so wonderful. I don’t know her personally only through her Dad but what an amazing young woman. She certainly has a bright future.

  15. Stephen Jolley

    Good luck, be careful, do good work, have a good time, and we look forward to your next visit to TN…Steve and Carol.

  16. Vicki Hadder

    Hope you have a great experience Madi ☮️

  17. kim & Randy Boerman

    May God Bless you always!

  18. Don Philippbar

    Madilyn this will be a life changing time for you.

  19. Paul Harrison

    So grateful God has stirred you to choose this particular ministry!! May God’s mercies be abundant!! And may God be Glorified!

  20. David & Lauren Duplissey

    Praying God uses your time there to do wonderful things for his kingdom GO MADI

  21. Anonymous

    Building skills will prove useful as you spread the good word. Safe Travels!

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