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  1. George, South Africa

    We are a brother-sister duo stoked to share the gospel on this incredible missions trip to South Africa! We appreciate all your prayers & support as we build playgrounds, share Jesus’ love with the local kids and community, and experience God’s beautiful creation in South Africa!

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    • 9 Days Left
  2. Surf Church Porto, Rua Dom Nuno Álvares Pereira, Matosinhos, Portugal

    This is your opportunity to support the missionary Cianelli´s to restore part of their savings that were stolen and fix their kitchen and car.

    • 19.17% Funded
    • $2,300.00 Pledged
    • 15 Days Left
  3. Ending Soon
    George, South Africa

    Rachel White’s first mission trip

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    • 4 Minutes Left
  4. Unsuccessful

    $60 buys a box of meals, which is enough to feed one kid one meal a day for an entire school year!

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    • Campaign has ended
  5. Ending Soon

    This June, I will be joining the Missions team at the Shoreline church and the nonprofit, Kids Around The World, to serve Life Christian Academy, a Christian school for underprivileged children in George, South Africa. This is just the beginning of a long-term commitment to this incredible school, where lives are being transformed through education, discipleship, and nourishment. By partnering with us, you’ll help us equip and empower these children, and work towards building a brighter future for them and their community. Your generous contribution and prayers will help us build a playground, provide meals, and create lasting relationships with the people of South Africa. Thank you so much for your support! Your partnership in this mission is greatly appreciated. Check out more details below and let’s make a difference together!

    • 60.43% Funded
    • $2,115.00 Pledged
    • 4 Minutes Left
  6. Ending Soon
    George, South Africa

    Our church along with Kids Around the World are heading to George, South Africa to build a playground for Life Christian Academy! Will you help us? We are asking for your prayers over the trip, and as the Lord leads, your financial support.


    • 1.67% Funded
    • $250.00 Pledged
    • 4 Minutes Left
  7. Successful
    South Africa

    I’m headed to South Africa over Summer to build a playground with a team from The Shoreline! We are partnering with Kids Around the World and Life Community Services to help the local school & community, provide meals, and build relationships with the people in George, South Africa.

    My teacher self is so excited at the opportunity to provide a safe place where kids can gather and play. I look forward to learning, growing, and serving in a new way this summer.

    Thank you so much for partnering with me on this amazing opportunity! Check out more details below.

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    • $4,325.00 Pledged
    • Campaign has ended
  8. Successful

    Madilyn will be a part of The Shoreline Church’s first South Africa mission trip! We will be building a playground at Life Academy and will do community outreach with kids. This is a place we will be investing in for years to come and we look forward to the relationship that will be built between our church and this amazing school. They are discipling kids as they teach, feed, grow and change lives. Our hope is to equip and connect them with skills and resources as we build the Kingdom together.

    • 104.06% Funded
    • $3,330.00 Pledged
    • Campaign has ended
  9. Ending Soon
    George, South Africa

    My name is Brooklyn Hulse, I’m 24 years old, I am passionate about children and leading them to the Lord. After a Divine meeting with a friend who works at the non-profit school, Christian Life Academy, we knew God placed us in this conversation for a reason. After many facetime meetings, and talking about the needs of the community and children I am headed to George, South Africa, June 9th, 2023 with The Shoreline Church of San Clemente!

    This school is an incredible organization that not only teaches the children academic learning skills, but cares for them in their well being, and pours into their relationship with Jesus. We are going with a mission of building a playground for the local children and doing community outreach!

    Furthermore, the main goal is to show Jesus love, and create a long term relationship with the school and children so that we are able to continue going back, sharing resources, and equipping them with new skills and resources to build the kingdom together! I am so excited for what the Lord is doing, and how he will use each person and their unique skills on the trip!

    Thank you for reading and for your consideration in helping send me to Life Academy in South Africa.


    • 103.75% Funded
    • $2,905.00 Pledged
    • 4 Minutes Left
  10. Successful
    George, South Africa

    Chris and Audrey are heading to George South Africa on June 9, 2023, with The Shoreline Church of San Clemente, to build a playground at the Christian Life Academy and do community outreach with the local kids! This Christian school in South Africa is a place where our church will build relationships for years to come. The school is discipling kids as they teach, feed, grow and change lives. Our hope is to help equip and connect them with skills and resources as we build God’s Kingdom together. Every willing heart can help!

    Please watch the video below on the amazing things that the Christian Life Academy is doing for the underprivileged.


    • 157.14% Funded
    • $8,800.00 Pledged
    • Campaign has ended

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